• from 13/11/2014 to 14/11/2014
  • Ecomusée de la Baie - Vains - Mont Saint Michel
  • free for members (except accomodations)

Next November, Ecomusée de la Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel will welcome the first STRA workshop.

Program (draft) :

- The museum or site shops :

What product for wich public ? Which angles for the STRA items tying?

- Saltmaker's salt and museum's salt  :

how the museum's shop can  value  the salmakers's salt ?

And of course,  a visit of  the Ecomusée and a trip accross the Bay

Register now !!!

Free for STRA members.

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Stra workshop 2014Stra workshop 2014 (1.2 Mo)

20th July . Jornadas gastronomicas en Salina de Oro

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